Call to Action: NO to Insurance Industry Roadblocks

Don't let the insurance industry derail Green Mountain Care! Tell Senators: "No roadblocks to universal healthcare. Healthcare is a Human Right"

For more details, see What’s Happening with Healthcare Reform in Vermont.

Call and leave a message at the Sergeant-at-Arms 1-800-322-5616 to your senators on the Finance Committee (and if your senators aren't on the Finance Committee, leave a message for committee chair Ann Cummings, plus your own senators) saying:

"No outside markets, no roadblocks to universal healthcare. Healthcare is a human right"
(See below for Senate Finance Committee list)

Senate Commitee on Finance
Senator Ann Cummings, Chair (Washington County)
Senator Mark A. MacDonald, Vice Chair (Orange County)
Senator Tim Ashe (Chittenden County)
Senator Randy Brock (Franklin County)
Senator Dick McCormack (Windsor County)
Senator Richard Westman (Lamoille County)

Also leave a message for:
Senate President Pro Tem John Campbell (Windsor County)