April 18: A Day for "Dignity, Not Poverty" and Paid Sick Days

“Dignity not poverty” Human Rights Hearing and Vigil

People from all across Vermont came together in solidarity to put people first on Thursday for a “Dignity, Not Poverty” Human Rights Hearing at the Montpelier Christ Church. During the hearing we heard many stories of personal struggle and inspiring voices in support of one another in economic times such as these in Vermont. 

Workers’ Rights are Human Rights: Why We All Need Paid Sick Days

Ever since the Vermont Workers’ Center started the Workers’ Rights Hotline in 1998, we have heard from countless workers and their families about the hardship and suffering caused by the lack of paid sick days. It has become clear that the right to paid sick days is critical for the well-being of workers, their families and our communities. It is core to our human right to a safe and healthy workplace, our human right to health and healthcare, and our need to hold down a job and take care of our family at the same time.

Healthcare Is A Human Right Testimony in House Committee on Healthcare

We were asked to testify in the Vermont House of Representatives Committee on Healthcare today. Here is the text. Let's keep organizing!
Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign
Testimony to House Committee on Healthcare
January 15, 2013

Thank you. My name is James Haslam, I am the Executive Director of the Vermont Workers’ Center. The VWC was started in 1998 and launched the Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign in 2008 to change what was politically possible and establish a universal healthcare system.