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The Vermont Breakthrough! How a Human Rights Movement Is Winning a Healthcare System that Puts People First

Take action!  Call the Sergeant-at-Arms today at (802) 828-2228 and leave a message for your legislators to move forward with financing for Green Mountain Care!

We need you more than ever. On December 17th, after two years of delaying the release of a financing plan for Green Mountain Care, Governor Shumlin announced he no longer intended to move forward with a universal publicly-financed healthcare system for Vermont -- despite Act 48 commiting the state to do so. The Governor's decision was political, not economic, revealing powerful opposition to universal healthcare from his big business and wealthy allies.

Vermont can and must move forward to secure the human right to health care for everyone, and that means it's time for the legislature to take the lead. Without guaranteed access to care, the human rights crisis in our state will continue unabated. Call the Sergeant-at-Arms today at (802) 828-2228 and leave a message for your legislators to move forward with financing for Green Mountain Care. 

Since 2008, the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign has been organizing to make universal healthcare a reality in Vermont. In 2011, our people’s movement succeeded in getting a groundbreaking law passed: Act 48, which commits Vermont to creating a healthcare system providing healthcare as a public good and ensuring everyone can get the healthcare they need, when they need it.

We credit our success to our unique model: combining a human rights framework – the cornerstone of which is our 5 human rights principles – with a strategy to organize our communities and build a grassroots, statewide base of people committed to healthcare as a human right.

In the leadup to the 2015 legislative session, we'll be fighting alongside our partners to ensure that Green Mountain Care will be funded equitably through progressive taxes, and that we leave behind the era of insurance and "benefits packages" towards a system which guarantees care for those who need it, when they need it.  The state of Vermont is required to make decisions on funding and care before 2017, and the coming months will be critical to ensure these measures fulfill our human right to healthcare.

If Vermont can move away from treating healthcare as a commodity in a market system and implement publicly financed universal healthcare, we can lead the way for others across the United States to do the same. Inspired by Vermont, people in MaineMarylandPennsylvania and other states have started their own Healthcare Is a Human Right campaigns.

Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, big business employers and their lobbyists are all working hard to prevent universal healthcare from ever happening, so we must keep our eyes on the prize and stay on the road toward healthcare as a human right in Vermont – and nationwide.  What we need now is your participation to make universal healthcare a reality in Vermont!

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