Put People First

Put People First partners marching on May DayPut People First is a growing human rights movement of organizations and people in Vermont. While our groups work on many different issues – from healthcare to disability rights, from the rights of migrants and workers in the food system to a healthy environment – the mission of our movement is not to win on our issues alone. We are coming together to transform the systems that block us all from fulfilling our human rights and living lives of dignity. We believe that while we struggle to meet our fundamental needs in different ways, our struggles share the same root cause: a system that puts profits before people. We have come together to address this root cause with a root solution: making our government and economy fulfill human rights principles by building an organized grassroots movement powerful enough to make that possible.

Our Put People First partners include:

  • 350 Vermont
  • Green Mountain Self-Advocates
  • Migrant Justice
  • Rising Tide Vermont
  • United Professions of Vermont/AFT
  • Vermont Center for Independent Living
  • Vermont Early Educators United/AFT
  • Vermont Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals AFT
  • Vermont State Employees Association
  • Vermont Workers’ Center
  • Voices for Vermont’s Children