Vermont Can Lead The Way

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Vermont is on the verge of establishing our country’s first universal, publicly-financed healthcare system — and the next few years are absolutely critical.

The Healthcare is a Human Right campaign led the grassroots movement to demand healthcare as a public good — accessible and available to everyone, not tiered to restrict care based on income, nor tied to employment. 

Under Vermont’s new system, Green Mountain Care, healthcare will be a universal right available to everyone, and based on the principle of equity, or people’s ability to pay, so that all can get the care they need when they need it.

There are challenges on the road to universal, publicly-funded healthcare. Powerful, moneyed lobbying groups recognize what’s at stake in Vermont and are attempting to turn the tide of public opinion against the implementation of a universal system.

Only a grassroots movement can tip the balance to create a healthcare system that puts people — not profits — first.

Already, other grassroots groups in Maine, Maryland, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington have taken the baton to start Healthcare Is a Human Right campaigns of their own. We feel a tremendous amount of responsibility to “get it right” in Vermont — to act as a catalyst for other states, and turn the tide for lasting and transformative change. If we fail, it will be a setback not just for our state, but for the national universal healthcare movement.

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