The Antidote to Healthcare Repeal: Organizing


On Monday night, the Republicans in Washington revealed their plans for replacing the Affordable Care Act. Unsurprisingly, their plan would hurt poor and working-class people and women while creating billions of dollars of new tax giveaways to corporations and the wealthy.

Organizing is the antidote to attacks on the human right to health care. Please consider becoming a member of the Vermont Workers’ Center so we can resist these attacks together, and join us in organizing in our communities and supporting front-line healthcare workers who are organizing for a voice in the healthcare system.

Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign position on Universal Primary Care bills

Since 2008, the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign has been building a movement for a universal, publicly financed healthcare system in which all care in Vermont would be provided as a public good, like our schools and fire departments. We believe that universal healthcare is about more than just our health - it is also a prescription for economic transformation, budget and tax reform, and strengthening the public sector.

Building Power

VWC Members at Health Screening in Essex Center

Over the past two weeks, unprecedented numbers of people, VWC members and leaders among them, have come together to oppose the administration’s anti-human-rights agenda.

VWC leaders and members have also been doing the organizing work that will build power for our communities for the long haul.

Last weekend, members of the Chittenden County Organizing Committee held a Health Screening Clinic at the Essex Eats Out community dinner in Essex Center. We had some deep conversations with our neighbors about their hopes and fears about healthcare, and nurses volunteered their time to provide health screenings. A couple of the people we met came to the next OC meeting and joined the Workers’ Center!

Medical center staff, community call for safe staffing and fair treatment at UVM Medical Center

UVM Medical Center staff and community members rally outside of UVM Medical Center

This afternoon, nurses, licensed nursing assistants, mental health techs, labor and delivery assistants, unit secretaries and other patient care professionals at UVM Medical Center (UVMMC) joined together with members of the Vermont Workers Center to call on UVMMC to respect their rights to organize a union.

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