SUPPORT BAN ON MANDATORY OVERTIME: Help Keep Patients and Healthcare Workers Safe

Any healthcare worker can tell you the truth about mandatory overtime: it is unsafe for their patients, and unsafe for themselves. We need to ensure that our health care workers are able to do their job to the best of their ability, which means keeping them healthy, and not forcing them to work grueling, extended shifts above the hard work they do every day.

Vermont Nurses Returning From Haiti To Be Honored on “Healthcare Is A Human Right” Burlington Mardi Gras Float

* * * FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE * * * February 26, 2010

BURLINGTON – Four Fletcher Allen nurses recently back from Haiti disaster relief efforts will be honored by the Healthcare Is A Human Right campaign on their float at Magic Hat's 15 Annual Mardi Gras Parade in Burlington, Saturday Feb 27th. The "Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign" is a grassroots organizing campaign aimed to change what is deemed 'politically possible' in an effort to make Vermont the first state in the country to establish the moral commitment that healthcare will be treated as a public good for every resident.

HEALTH PROVIDERS SAY “VERMONT SHOULD LEAD THE WAY!”: Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign and Report on Relief Effort in Haiti

DSCF7212_0.JPGMONTPELIER – Over a hundred Vermont union nurses and other healthcare professionals held a press conference calling on Vermont to lead the way in establishing healthcare as a basic public good for all Vermonters at the Statehouse today. The event is part of a growing grassroots campaign called the Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign, which is coordinated by the Vermont Workers’ Center. There was a live call from Haiti reporting on Vermonters disaster relief efforts as part of the press conference in addition to talking about healthcare in Vermont.

Fletcher Allen Nurses and Technical Professionals Respond to Crisis in Haiti: [WITH THEIR REPORT FROM HAITI]

fahchaiti2.jpgHAITI - Nurses and Technical Professionals at FAHC who are members of the Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, the union of 2000 members at FAHC, are organizing donations and groups of volunteers to go to Haiti in the coming days, weeks and months to help with the relief efforts.

Times Argus article on Jan 12 Hearing: "A call for health reform"

A call for health reform
Statehouse crowd details system's faults, horrors, urges change
by Dan Barlow

MONTPELIER – Hundreds of Vermonters filled the Statehouse Tuesday for a public forum on health care reform, with a vast majority urging lawmakers to adopt a single-payer system.

January 12th: Join Sen. Bernie Sanders and hundreds of Vermonters for Healthcare Hearings at Statehouse

6 - 9PM, Tuesday, January 12th, Statehouse, Montpelier
The Vermont Senate Health & Welfare Committee and House Committee on Healthcare will be holding joint hearings on S.88 and H.100 (see summary here: Please join us and bring everyone you can. Let us know if you can come, if you can testify, or if you want a ride or can give a ride. Contact us at (802)861-4892 or kate[at] .

Vermont Public Radio coverage of January 6th event "Workers Lobby For Single Payer Health Care" [listen online]

(Host) Several hundred people went to the Statehouse today to lobby for a single payer health care system.

Legislative leaders promised they would explore the single payer approach, but they didn't commit to having a vote on the issue this year.

VPR's Bob Kinzel reports.

(Kinzel) The rally was organized by the Vermont Workers Center and it was the culmination of a series of public hearings that the Center held throughout the state over the past few months.

200+ Pack Statehouse event delivering thousands of postcards calling for VT to lead the way on healthcare

4000+ Postcards Delivered to Statehouse to Kickoff Push For Vermont To Make Healthcare A Public Good


"We urge you to stand up and take the lead!"

MONTPELIER - More than two hundred Vermonters from the Vermont Worker's Center "Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign (HCHR)" filled the Cedar Creek room at the Statehouse today, coming from all over the state, to deliver thousands of postcards to the leadership of the State Legislature and to take action on the two single-payer healthcare bills, S.88 and H.100, and mend the broken healthcare system this year.

"We came here today because we seek to change what is politically possible in the healthcare reform process," said Susan Lucas, RN president of the nurses union at Copley Hospital. "We believe that healthcare is not a commodity but a public good shared by all. The time is now to make healthcare a basic fundamental right for every single person"