VWC President's Address, November 2016

VWC President Ellen SchwartzIn the wake of the election, a lot of FB friends posted Joe Hill’s exhortation: “Don’t mourn. Organize.” And my response was: Do mourn. And organize like hell. Mourning is an act of shared support in the face of deep sorrow. I, for one, need to allow myself to feel the sorrow, and the anger. The fear, especially for those among us who are and will be most targeted...

We need to commit to wielding our campaign to build a stronger and larger base, to building network power with other grassroots organizations. We also need to commit to having each others’ backs and to understanding the pain that so many people are feeling -- including the pain that led many white working-class people to vote for Trump.

Workers' Center Condemns Attack on School in Brazil

Yesterday morning, police and military forces raided the National School Florestan Fernandes (ENFF) in Brazil, an agro-ecology school where a Workers’ Center Coordinating Committee member is currently studying, along with other grassroots leaders from the US and around the world.

Please take a moment to call the Brazilian Embassy and the US State Department to demand that the police and military stand down, stop their attack on the MST and ENFF, release any activists who have been arrested, and cease intimidation tactics:

Brazilian Embassy: (202) 238-2700
U.S. State Department: (202) 647-6575

Vermont Workers' Center releases report on "Inequality in Vermont"

Today the Vermont Workers' Center released a new report, entitled Inequality in Vermont, which highlights personal stories of the human rights crisis against the backdrop of growing inequality in our state. Focusing in particular on health, workplace, and discrimination-related injustices, the report makes a moral case for ensuring economic and social rights for everyone in Vermont through universal, public goods and dignified work.

United Against the Rate Hikes!

July 20th & 21st, MVP Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont testified in front of the Green Mountain Care Board about their proposed health insurance rate hikes of up to 10% (BCBS) and 13% (MVP) for next year’s Vermont Health Connect plans. But company lawyers weren’t the only ones VWC President Ellen Schwartz testifying at the Green Mountain Care Board- Click for videotestifying.

Victory to the Verizon workers!

Solidarity with Verizon workers!Last week, the largest strike in recent US history ended in victory for Verizon workers. While workers in Vermont weren't on strike, VWC members joined solidarity pickets in Burlington at the Verizon store, part of a national solidarity effort to pressure the company to negotiate in good faith.