"Honk-and-Waves" Accross the State for Healthcare is a Human Right

story_DSCF6059.JPGApril 24th across the state folks came out for spirited honk-and-waves to build momentum for the May 1st Healthcare is a Human Right Rally at the Statehouse, Montpelier.

"Honk-and Waves" took place a the following locations:

Barre: City Hall Park (Map)
Bennington: Intersection of Route 7 & 9 (Map)
Brattleboro: Pliny Park, Main Street (Map)
Burlington: Staples Plaza, Williston Road, near exit 14 on Rte I-89 (Map)
Montpelier: Main St and River St (Rte 2 and Rte 12 - Map)

Honk & Waves Held Across State as Momentum Builds for May 1 Rally

"Healthcare Is A Human Right" Rally Shaping Up to be Biggest Healthcare Rally in State's history

What: Groups will gather with signs at major intersections in towns throughout the state to spread the message about a historic Healthcare Is A Human Right rally to be held May 1, 2009 at the Statehouse in Montpelier. The Healthcare Is A Human Campaign, coordinated by the Vermont Workers' Center, is geared at building grassroots supports to "change what is politically possible" for healthcare reform.


At this moment 12 students have occupied the president's wing at the University of Vermont to protest the budget cuts and layoffs at the university. Many more students are holding a sit-in to support the occupiers. Join students tonight for a support speak-out and vigil at 5pm on the steps of the Waterman Building. Show support for the 109 staff and faculty losing their jobs.

Contact the President's Office to send you support for students and tell the administration to stop the budget cuts and layoffs at UVM.

"May 1 Rally" Brattleboro Reformer Op-Ed by Richard Davis

The May 1 rally - By RICHARD DAVIS
Brattleboro Reformer, www.reformer.com

GUILFORD - It seems like it should be a no brainer. Access to a basic level of health care should be a human right, something that a civilized society determines is due all of its citizens. In all of the industrialized countries in the world, except one, that is the case.

Huge ‘Healthcare is a Human Right’ Rally at State House on May 1

medium_DSCF6000.JPGMontpelier - Vermonters from every corner of the State will be gathering at the State House on Friday, May 1st to demand that our policymakers consider healthcare as a human right and not a commodity for profit. This demonstration is likely to be the biggest protest of its kind in Vermont history, quite possibly even the nation as well.

Well over a thousand people are expected to attend this historic first-of-its-kind rally. The rally is being coordinated by the Vermont Worker's Center in Burlington, Vermont, and is also sponsored by over 80 different organizations. There will be musical performances, street theater, giant puppets, games, and guest speakers. Invited speakers include Senator Bernie Sanders, and Dr. Deb Richter, a Montpelier physician, who has long been campaigning for health care for all Vermonters. In addition, there will also be many other prominent politicians, faith community leaders, activists and thousands of other Vermonters who are committed to creating a health care system that will cover all Vermonters no matter what their economic status or their jobs are.

Ban on Mandatory Overtime!


Take Action to Support Ban on Mandatory Overtime for healthcare Workers. Please contact Vermont House General Affairs members to tell to support H.268 - ban on mandatory overtime.

H.268/S.80 bans mandatory overtime, except in emergency situations, and recognizes the growing danger to patient safety posed by forced overtime practices. The bill applies to health care workers in hospitals and creates an exception for emergency situations.

Tell Your Legislator To Support "People's Plan" for Vermont

Vermont Workers' Center proposes an alternative to the Douglas Budget Cuts

The Vermont Workers' Center has been organizing opposition the cuts to public services and state layoffs proposed by Governor Douglas since the beginning of February. As an alternative, we are proposing a "People's Plan" to raise revenue instead of cutting programs and pass single-payer universal healthcare to save Vermont tens of millions of dollars.

The People’s Plan has three main thrusts:

250+ Rally at Obama/Douglas Healthcare Summit

medium_DSCF6008.JPGOn March 17th more than 250 people rallied in front of the University of Vermont's Davis Center where Vermont Governor Jim Douglas and Mass. Governor Deval Patrick hosted an Obama Healthcare Summit. Protesters demanded that "healthcare is a human right". They chanted "hey hey ho ho insurance companies have got to go!" and "everybody in, nobody out". See the links below for news stories on the healthcare summit and protests.