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“Alone I can't bring about meaningful change, but through the Workers' Center I can join with others who are committed to social and economic justice. Together we have brought about change even when we were told it was ‘politically impossible’ — and there is more to come!” –Ellen Schwartz, BrattleboroThe Vermont Workers’ Center is a member-led organization fighting for economic justice and human dignity. Your membership helps us build a strong organization, owned by the members, guided by our principles, and true to our mission.VWC Membership:Membership shall be open to all regardless of union affiliation, gender, race, profession, disability, political beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or nationality. Membership shall be open to any individual who or organization which:

Each member shall be entitled to vote on matters brought before the annual Membership Assembly. The Annual Meeting shall occur on the second Saturday of November, unless otherwise noticed, at a time and place decided upon by the Coordinating Committee. Notice of the Annual Meeting, together with an agenda of the business to be conducted at that meeting shall be sent to members by email or other mail, no less than fifteen days prior to the scheduled meeting. Each member, whether an organization or an individual shall cast one vote on any business transacted at the Annual Meeting or any Special Meeting.VWC Solidarity Action Pledge: During the coming year, I pledge to be there at least five times to:

  • Stand in solidarity with workers seeking to organize and bargain collectively for a job with justice, a living wage, a fair contract and a voice at work;
  • Join with my neighbors and other members of my community to grow a grassroots movement with which, together, we can successfully demand public policy that serves the needs of all people — including a dignified standard of living, a safe and healthful environment, the best quality healthcare, childcare, housing, education and transportation;
  • Defend the needs of people against the exploitation, by corporations and others in power, of workers, communities and the environment;
  • Work to recognize and put an end to all forms of social injustice, including oppression based on race, gender, disability and class.

Membership Dues: Member dues are member-determined, based on the principle of equity — meaning that as a member, you choose the dues amount that is right for you or your family. The minimum is $1/month or $12/year. On average, members choose $15-$25/month or $180-$300/year. Sign up for dues today! Dues Waiver: Membership dues at the VWC are determined by each member and their family according to their ability, which is the principle of equity. We know that the minimum of $1/month or $12/year can still be a hardship for many, and no one will be turned away from membership because of financial hardship. If you would like an Annual Dues Waiver, please send an email Heather at Organizing Committees:An organizing committee is a local group of Vermont Workers’ Center members who are working together to build the base of people who advance our campaigns. Organizing committees are the heart of our work.Organizing committees undertake a lot of the important, day-to-day work of our organization. They often plan their own local events, such as tabling in their community, meeting with legislators, fundraisers, and other events.Get involved in a local organizing committee! Contact Kate for more information: or 802-825-8399

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