Another World is Possible

The US Social Form report back event at the Workers' Center on Thursday night had a huge turnout of over 50 people....those who actually attended the USSF in Detroit, Michigan June 21-26, and those who were not able to travel to Detroit but wanted to hear what it was all about from those who did. The Workers' Center contingent was joined by other local groups who went to the Forum (WILPF, GJEP Incinerator Project) to share their experiences of meeting with other activist groups from around the U.S. It was clear that there is a tremendous grassroots movement of people across the country who believe that "another world is possible and another US is necessary." The people who went to Detroit were shocked at the economic devastation of the City and the people who are struggling to revitalize it.

Here are some of the quotes from people who participated in the USSF:

"What I found inspiring about Detroit is that the movement there clearly understands that we can't just go back to the "good old days" -- because the "good old days" for Detroit were also the days of institutional racism and a car-centered society that destroyed the environment. We need to move towards a society that meets human needs and provides decent work while living in a sustainable way -- and the vision, creativity and organizing savvy on display at the USSF proves that such a society is possible." - Jonathan Kissam

"The U.S. social forum was the most incredibly eye opening humanitarian experience of my life. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of very interesting people from all over the globe." - Ali Goguen

"We envision the Religious Interfaith Community, acting on its values in creative and strategic ways, as a powerful leader in creating and sustaining a nation where all workers share in the prosperity of our society, enjoy the fundamental human right to organize, and lead dignified lives as a result of their labor." - Mary Gerisch (from the Interfaith Worker Justice People's Movement Assembly)

"I spent a lot of time with other radical educators talking about social justice education. It was energizing to hear about others' experiences, share lesson ideas, and discuss how we could make the education system better. The entire experience was wonderful." - Chris Guros

“Our business is to build movement from the ground up” - Cindy Perron (from the For a Health System based on Equity and Solidarity: Building a Movement for the Human Rights to Health in the U.S.)