The day after

Hallways are calmer, it's business as usual at the statehouse. Students from our state colleges have come and gone, leaving behind the memory of our future leaders
having to proclaim how hard our state is making it for them to get an affordable education.

Hard working people, who need to have a say in what goes on in their businesses and what kind of guidlines are needed or useful, were here trying to get support for H.97.

Upstairs, in a committee room, someone gave testimony, representing the grassroots organizing, that produced H.559 and Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign, to make sure the intent of this bill stays true to the purpose it was made for. Affordable, equitable, healthcare for every person in Vermont.

Everyone working together toward the ultimate goal of a People's Budget, based on Human Rights Principles, that Puts People First.

Never fear, we will not go away. We will always be watching, talking, planning, speaking out, telling our stories, together. United.