Geneva is exciting!

Yesterday was a great day- and a surprising one. in trying to lobby countries during a UPR, i thought it would rude to approach them during a session so I did what any good organizer would- decided to hand out side event flyers while they wre on their way in or out. Well....unbeknownst to me, you aren't supposed to hand out ANY flyers in or outside of the room and so after the guard approached me and took my badge, then guided me to security- asked me to wait (5 min or so) the woman who is the head of the NGOs security came out to explain my grievous error and was not happy. But, in the end, after many apologies on my part, she returned my badge to me. Of course, by the time they "nabbed me" I had already handed out the side event flyers I wanted to distribute! So...i was sprung, and poor Josh had to get an email from Civil Society explaining my transgressions--he smiled and said he had to teach me to be more subtle about these things :) So alls well that ends well- after all, not everyone can say they were detained by UN security!!!!
The Housing side event was GREAT!!!!! Good film about Kent St and my roommate Deb, from LA, did a great job too!
The delegation is finally getting to know one another, and everything is going well.
Yesterday's side event on reporductive rights was also informative and all of the presenters are our allies in the Healthcare is a Human Right campaign! Will write more this afternoon!