Meeting lots of folks!

Wed was our panel discussion on social and economic rights. Folks from the State department and Health and Human services were there, as well as many brothers and sisters from NGO organizations afiliated with USHR network. It was a great panel highlighting our individual efforts and the interconnectedness of all of the social and economic rights.

It becomes clearer and clearer, that although the US is a country "by the people" and "FOR the people" all of their responsiblities FOR the people are being abdicated to profiteers- housing, health, water, prisons, immigration etc. They need to take back their responsibilities!

In todays panel by ACLU, OUR healthcare campaign and the VWC was mentioned!! YEah!!

I tried to lobby Norway Netherlands, Sweden and Cuba yesterday to ask a healthcare question during the US review tomorrow . They were sympathetic and said they would be interested in hearing more about the human right to healthcare campaign and pressuring the US into accepting that as a right, but apparently their questions were already printed out (which I understand is somewhat unusual, but since there is a HUGE number of folks speaking they had to do them early). The vast majority of countries will be speaking at tomorrow's US review. They did say, however, to contact them before the next review (4 years) WAY ahead of time and they would work on the problem with us.

Very interesting side event on accountability today- with the conclusion being that there presently isn't any, but many viable suggestions were made and the State Dept reps seemed receptive.

GREAT film night last night, and our very own VWC and Healthcare is a Human Right campaign appeared in it!

Going to dinner with the US Human Rights ambassador tonight with the rest of our delegation- so I will write more tomorrow!