What Do We Mean by Political Education?

Our friends at Media Mobilizing Project have great insight about how to talk about Political and Popular education. Here's a snapshot of what they have to say about political education:

"By 'political education' we mean the collective process of study, research and analysis that we need to engage in together in order to do this work.

To be effective, we must understand the situation we are in and the forces we are up against. Dumb forces do not defeat smart forces. The ruling class is a smart force, with massive think tanks, top universities, and a deep interest in poor and working people not understanding history, philosophy, economics or politics. Neither schools nor the mass media teach us the truth, much less the tools we need to change society. We must actively seek out and work for our understanding. MMP prioritizes process that support our network and members doing this, both individually and together."

Thanks MMP! We hear you and are excited to join you in collective learning!