Let's Keep It Up!

Just as Town Meeting Week is wrapping up, we got word that the Senate Health Committee may bring forward the bill which currently stands the best chance to make healthcare a public good next Tuesday. Politicians will only lead as far as we push them, though, so to make sure that they do this, we need to continue to add to the thousands of voices who have demanded that we make real change happen.

Please tell everyone you know to go to www.workerscenter.org/takeaction and send an email to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee ASAP.

So many thanks to everyone who has emailed your legislators so far, and been spreading the word. When it comes to this legislative session, in many ways we're just getting started, and you've given our collective campaign the opening sprint it needs.

And great job to all those who organized in your communities for Town Meeting. See a great example reported in Bennington Banner: http://www.benningtonbanner.com/ci_14495101

Let's keep it up!