Quick update on S.88

Just heard from the People's Team about what's going with S.88. As Peg reported earlier one of the main discrepancy between the two chambers is the section on drug sample disclosures as the pharma industry is working behind the scenes to get the section struck from the bill. The Senate will be voting on the bill tonight at 5pm and Sen. Sears and Sen. Mullin are amongst a group of Senators who are planning on an amendment to take this section. The House Health Committee are apparently digging in their heels and took a straw vote to indicate that they won't support the bill without this drug disclosure provision being included, even if it meant killing the bill. We obviously can't let that happen. Call the Sgt-at-arms at 828-2228 to leave a message for your Senators. The House health committee should get the bill tomorrow morning, when we'll want to make sure they move it forward.