Top 10 Reasons to come to May 1st Rally

TOP TEN REASON TO COME MAKE MAY DAY HISTORY: May 1st celebrates working people’s struggles for justice dating back to 1886 in the fight for the 8 hour day. Come be part of people’s history as we heroically fight to be the first state in the country to have a truly universal healthcare system! Join us in building a movement for all of our human rights and a real democracy!

If you weren’t already excited enough about coming to Montpelier for May Day, here are the top ten reasons to come:

10. Great speakers like Sandy Gaffney from Mobile Home Park Residents For Fairness & Equality, Shela Linton from Vermont Workers’ Center and two guys named Bernie.

9. Inspiring Art for all to take part, including block printing for paper or fabric and banner making.

8. Great Music from Sambatucada, a brass band, a fife & drum band and salsa band!

7. Best Umbrella and Poncho Contest! With a morning sprinkle predicted and possibly a little drizzle, we will be giving a special award for the best umbrella and poncho

6. Free Scoops of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Enough said. ;)

5. Awesome street theater performances from Bread & Puppet, Migrant Justice and climate justice activists

4. Great kids activities include art projects, face painting, bubbles and planting seeds donated by High Mowing Seeds and Intervale Compost Company

3. Vermont Early Educators are on the brink of winning right to organize legislation and this rally will give them a critical boost in the final days of legislature

2. Yes, there will be Pie-a-Corporate-Lobbyist in the Face booth

1. Vermont Can Lead The Way: Seriously, our country needs a new direction. The current road we are on isn’t working for the vast majority of the people now and threatens the viability of future generations. May 1st will be an important step in building a people’s movement to blaze a new trail for a future that puts people and the planet first!


Join thousands of your neighbors next Tuesday from all over Vermont to send a powerful message to lawmakers that Vermonters support the human right to collectively bargain, and that we should be moving toward a system that meets all of our fundamental needs. Sign up to come, bring your friends and family, and volunteer!