Benefits Testimony to the Green Mountain Care Board

As Secretary-Treasurer, I’m advocating for the position of the Vermont State Labor Council with our 9800 members.

Most of our members still have fairly good healthcare coverage. We’ve given up wages, other benefits, and working conditions to keep our coverage. This is also true for the unionized teachers and state employees. Especially for the last 15 years we have been forced to take concessions or go on strike to try to maintain healthcare standards. This system is not working and its going downhill fast!

Top 10 Reasons to come to May 1st Rally

TOP TEN REASON TO COME MAKE MAY DAY HISTORY: May 1st celebrates working people’s struggles for justice dating back to 1886 in the fight for the 8 hour day. Come be part of people’s history as we heroically fight to be the first state in the country to have a truly universal healthcare system! Join us in building a movement for all of our human rights and a real democracy!

If you weren’t already excited enough about coming to Montpelier for May Day, here are the top ten reasons to come:

Vermont Strong = Putting People First!

[also published in VT Digger and Bennington Banner]

The response to the devastation of Tropical Storm Irene should make us proud to be Vermonters. Thousands of people volunteered and contributed to efforts to get communities back on their feet. The new “I Am Vermont Strong” campaign has tapped into this community pride with the goal of rebuilding stronger than before the storm. To me, stronger communities means communities where we no longer have policies that leave so many people vulnerable or threaten the livability of the planet.

Universal Healthcare

Last week we posted our video about the importance of Universality with healthcare. The video explained how important it is that everyone has access to healthcare regardless of jobs or how much money someone makes. This weeks video talks about equity and how everyone would get the care they need and would pay what they could afford. This would guarantee high quality care for everyone regardless of someone's situation. Like and Share the videos on our Facebook page! And don't forget to sign up for our May 1st Rally Put People First!!

Testimony from Vermont Workers' Rights Hotline Co-coordinator, Kim Lawson

Testimony from Vermont Workers' Center

From Vermont Workers' Rights Hotline Co-coordinator, Kim Lawson

February 22, 2012

I have been a volunteer on the Workers Center's Workers' Rights Hotline on and off for a number of years. People call the hotline because they feel they have been unjustly treated at work. They are referred to us by a number of state agencies including the Attorney General's office, the Department of Employment and Training, and more.

What’s happening with healthcare reform in Vermont?

Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign Update, March 28, 2012: What’s happening in the Senate?

Discussions in the Senate are focusing on several roadblocks to our universal system, Green Mountain Care. We need to urge them to remove all roadblocks!

  • If a private insurance market continues outside the exchange, this would undermine our future public healthcare system. The House has done the right thing and eliminated the outside market by standing up courageously to the insurance industry interests. Let’s make sure the Senate does the same!