Walkers Budget Repair Bill Will Most Adversely Affect Wisconsin Minorities (by The UpTake)

Check out this video from The UpTake. The UpTake is a great website to get up to date info on the struggle in Wisconsin. Thanks to Heather for finding this great video!

We are not Arizona!

Yesterday, with the vote on the universal healthcare bill H.202, we saw politics at its best and at its worst. At its best, because the participation of thousands of Vermonters in the Healthcare Is a Human Right campaign convinced a strong majority in the Senate to pass a historic universal healthcare bill. At its worst, because a majority of senators also approved an amendment to make the bill less than universal, in a cynical political move to appeal to hatred and intolerance.

We won in the House! Next up the Senate. Thank you, let's keep it up!

As you might have already heard, Vermonters won a huge step towards universal healthcare today in the House in a final vote on H.202 92-49 (see release below). Big thank you's and recognition to everyone who worked so hard helping us get this far. It has been amazing seeing how far we have come, seeing how strong all of you leaders around the state have become and also how many new incredible people are getting involved everyday. It's great to be working with you, to be building this movement together, to be seeing all the hard work pay off.

Vote in House Healthcare Committee expected tomorrow

The House Healthcare Committee is in the final stages of marking up H.202 and we understand they could be voting the bill out of committee tomorrow.

It is important that everyone make their voices heard, go to to send an email and call Sgt-at-arms to let your representatives know you believe healthcare is a human right!

HCHR Leaders Testify to House Healthcare Committee

20+ people showed up in a blizzard to deliver testimony from the campaign to the House Healthcare Committee. Danny Bodreau (chief steward for the nurses union at Rutland hospital), Mari Cordes, Peg Franzen and David Kreindler presented the testimony to the Committee. Pink slips from the Sgt-at-arms calls were flowing steady the entire time. Great job everybody!

See testimony:

Suggested ammendments:

Table with Assessment of H.202:

Showtime: universal healthcare bill unveiled

Here is the bill which will be introduced in the House Healthcare Committee this morning.
The Policy Committee for the Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign is already hard at work applying our Human Rights Standards (see: Let us know us know what you think.

Here is the outline text:

2011 Governor’s Health Care Reform Legislation



February 8, 2011


1. Control health care costs;