Appointment by House Speaker Smith to the Joint Legislative Health Care Commission Violates Act 128 (S.88)

Act 128 (S.88) calls on the Senate President Pro Tempore and the House Speaker each to appoint one non-voting member to the Joint Legislative Health Care Commission, which is responsible for recommending the consultant(s) who would design the healthcare systems called for in Act 128.

It also contains language that specifically disallows anyone from holding one of those two seats who might have a conflict due to a financial or other interest in a healthcare provider or insurer.

Another Step Forward: No Douglas Veto, S.88 To Become Law

The office of Gov. Jim Douglas announced that he will let S.88 become law without his signature. He expressed disapproval of the designs mandate and the prescription drug samples disclosure provision added by the House. However, he decided to let the bill become law because it include the "Blueprint For Health" plans that he has supported. This is another big step forward for our campaign! Read the press release.

Why We Oppose Arizona's SB1070

For the past two years, most of the energy of the Vermont Workers' Center has been dedicated to the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign. Together with thousands of Vermonters, we have talked with our neighbors, shared our stories, educated our legislators, marched, rallied and sung, and we have done what few thought possible — moved Vermont to make a commitment to fundamental reform of our healthcare system, to reform that recognizes and respects the human right to health of each and every Vermonter.

Quick update on S.88

Just heard from the People's Team about what's going with S.88. As Peg reported earlier one of the main discrepancy between the two chambers is the section on drug sample disclosures as the pharma industry is working behind the scenes to get the section struck from the bill. The Senate will be voting on the bill tonight at 5pm and Sen. Sears and Sen. Mullin are amongst a group of Senators who are planning on an amendment to take this section.

We Are Winning [Text of May Day speech by David Kreindler]

[Here is the text of the speech by David Kreindler. David is a long-time VWC leader and a member of the Vermont State Employees Association (VSEA)]

We are winning.

We are winning, but we have a long way to go before we have won. And it is going to get harder and harder.

We have a vision of social justice. Part of that vision is healthcare as a human right: a healthcare system that embodies the human-rights principles of universality, equity, accountability, transparency and participation.

Why the May Day Rally Is So Important

Our political power comes from demonstrating that our campaign is continuing to grow in size and in commitment. It is the continued growth of our numbers, along with repeated demonstrations, that will allow us to achieve our goal of establishing the human right to healthcare in Vermont. This is why the May Day rally is so important.

"First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you."
—Nicholas Klein