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Blog: May 1st Action to Put People First!

May 1st marks not only a celebration of workers, or of the symbolic closing of this legislative session. The day is also a celebration of our achievements this year and the beginning of a new era of solidarity in the face of our shared struggles. We expressed our optimism and unity yesterday in Montpelier, our state capital, in the largest weekday rally in state history and a call for human rights in Vermont! 

April 18: A Day for "Dignity, Not Poverty" and Paid Sick Days

“Dignity not poverty” Human Rights Hearing and Vigil

People from all across Vermont came together in solidarity to put people first on Thursday for a “Dignity, Not Poverty” Human Rights Hearing at the Montpelier Christ Church. During the hearing we heard many stories of personal struggle and inspiring voices in support of one another in economic times such as these in Vermont.