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Benefits Testimony to the Green Mountain Care Board

As Secretary-Treasurer, I’m advocating for the position of the Vermont State Labor Council with our 9800 members.

Most of our members still have fairly good healthcare coverage. We’ve given up wages, other benefits, and working conditions to keep our coverage. This is also true for the unionized teachers and state employees. Especially for the last 15 years we have been forced to take concessions or go on strike to try to maintain healthcare standards. This system is not working and its going downhill fast!

Universal Healthcare

Last week we posted our video about the importance of Universality with healthcare. The video explained how important it is that everyone has access to healthcare regardless of jobs or how much money someone makes. This weeks video talks about equity and how everyone would get the care they need and would pay what they could afford. This would guarantee high quality care for everyone regardless of someone's situation. Like and Share the videos on our Facebook page! And don't forget to sign up for our May 1st Rally Put People First!!

The day after

Hallways are calmer, it's business as usual at the statehouse. Students from our state colleges have come and gone, leaving behind the memory of our future leaders
having to proclaim how hard our state is making it for them to get an affordable education.

Hard working people, who need to have a say in what goes on in their businesses and what kind of guidlines are needed or useful, were here trying to get support for H.97.

Affordable housing

 Yesterday and today, the General Housing and Military Affairs Committee met to hear testimony about H.216, an act relating to preserving federally assisted affordable housing.

 This testimony included information from VHFA that many contracts for affordable housing, signed 20 to 40 years ago, are now ending.  This makes these units at risk for being sold and not be available as affordable housing for the mostly elderly and disabled who have been living in them.

Text of speech at Building a Better Budget Rally

I'm Sandy Gaffney. I was of a member of Mobile Home Park Residents for Equality and Fairness. We organized to be heard about what our needs actually were and to get them met. After the flood I came to realize that many of our needs weren't being met for a long long time and that I could work to change things. As a result I am a member of the Vermont Workers Center and here today.

VWC at the Fair Development Conference in Baltimore

Last month, 6 Leaders from the Vermont Workers' Center attended the Fair Development Conference in Baltimore hosted by the United Workers ( The VWC presented on a panel with folks from the Media Mobilizing Project in Phildelphia (, the Poverty Initiative ( and the Northeast Pennsylvania Organizing Center (