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After the floods, things are really gonna get messy (From Heather Pipino)

This is not a feel good story.

I must say that it has been truly inspiring to see the out-pouring of community support and Vermonters "get er done" attitude over the past 10 days. Some people have really put in Herculean effort (and are starting to get sick from the mold/toxins as a result). Many have sweat and strained for complete strangers or spent hours and days helping friends in need.

Irene took a toll on many in our communities, the effects of which we are going to be seeing for many months to come. I fear that some families will never fully recover.

Campaign Comments on Proposed Waiver for “State Innovation” (ACA Section 1332) Rules

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Department of Health and Human Services
Attention: CMS–9987–P

Comments Re:
31 CFR Part 33
RIN 1505–AC30
45 CFR Part 155
RIN 0938–AQ75
Application, Review, and Reporting Process for Waivers for State Innovation

13 May 2011

Dear Madam/Sir:

Why May 1?

"May Day is International Workers Day, a time of celebration and opposition throughout the world, except in the United States where it began. May Day commemorates the May 1st, 1886 nationwide protest for the eight hour day and the following "Haymarket Affair," a pivotal event in the history of workers' and anarchist movements in which four labor organizers were hanged by the state in Chicago. May Day is also the ancient celebration of Spring and rebirth-the traditional time for planting new seeds in old ground. Celebrate Peoples' History"

Walkers Budget Repair Bill Will Most Adversely Affect Wisconsin Minorities (by The UpTake)

Check out this video from The UpTake. The UpTake is a great website to get up to date info on the struggle in Wisconsin. Thanks to Heather for finding this great video!

Human Rights Assessment Tool Given to HC Reform Commission

On December 13, 2010, in anticipation of its last meeting before the legislature convenes, we gave the Healthcare Reform Commission a copy of our healthcare human rights Assessment Tool, a set of standards that follow directly from the principles of our campaign that were incorporated into Act 128. (That tool is now available online here). We also sent the commission members an email with the message set out below.

Dear Senator Kitchel and Representative Larson and other Healthcare Reform Commission Members: