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Welcome to the People's University!

We officially launched PULL today!
This all started with conversations about our need to expand our popular and political education so that it touches all of the issues that affect our struggle and reaches all members of the Workers’ Center. Now, after lots of visioning and planning, we are super excited to get down to work.

Watch this video ( ) to hear more about what PULL is all about, and come to one of our PULL-togethers or other workshops in December and January!

People's Team Meets with HCA about State Healthcare Exchanges

On December 2, 2010, Peg Franzen and Cassandra Edson of the People's Team met with Christine Oliver, Deputy Commissioner of the Healthcare Administration, division counsel Rebecca Heintz, and Betsy Forrest of the Department of Vermont Health Care (the Medicaid office, formerly "OVHA") to present the Healthcare is a Human Right campaign's position on Vermont developing a healthcare exchange. Although we disagree fundamentally on the value of a healthcare exchange, which the campaign views as perpetuating the model of healthcare as a commodity, the meeting had some positive outcomes.

Meeting lots of folks!

Wed was our panel discussion on social and economic rights. Folks from the State department and Health and Human services were there, as well as many brothers and sisters from NGO organizations afiliated with USHR network. It was a great panel highlighting our individual efforts and the interconnectedness of all of the social and economic rights.

Geneva is exciting!

Yesterday was a great day- and a surprising one. in trying to lobby countries during a UPR, i thought it would rude to approach them during a session so I did what any good organizer would- decided to hand out side event flyers while they wre on their way in or out. Well....unbeknownst to me, you aren't supposed to hand out ANY flyers in or outside of the room and so after the guard approached me and took my badge, then guided me to security- asked me to wait (5 min or so) the woman who is the head of the NGOs security came out to explain my grievous error and was not happy.


Hi all!

Still getting used to blogs- and I accidentally just posted a blog as a comment, so I hope everyone can read comments?

VWC goes to Geneva!

Hi all!
Mar Gerisch here- and I am getting REALLY excited about going to Geneva tomorrow! I have finally finished packing (I think--or rather- I HOPE!) and am reviewing various resources from our own policy committee as well as from NESRI and the other Human Rights activists who are going!

My roommate is Deborah, from LA. She is involved in the Human right to Housing campaing and their organizations out there has had manyt successes!

Barre Heritage Day Parade 7/24/10

The Health Care is a Human Right campaign took the "We're All in the Same Boat" float to the Barre Heritage Day Parade today and was greeted with cheers and thanks by the crowd for all we do. We gave out hundreds of buttons and led the crowd in chants of "What do we want?" "Health care as a Human Right" "When do we want it?" "NOW!" Pictures to follow.

Another World is Possible

The US Social Form report back event at the Workers' Center on Thursday night had a huge turnout of over 50 people....those who actually attended the USSF in Detroit, Michigan June 21-26, and those who were not able to travel to Detroit but wanted to hear what it was all about from those who did. The Workers' Center contingent was joined by other local groups who went to the Forum (WILPF, GJEP Incinerator Project) to share their experiences of meeting with other activist groups from around the U.S.