Public Hearing on Access to Healthcare

January 23, 2018 - 5:30pm to 8:00pm

Vermont Statehouse, 2nd Floor, House Chamber

On January 23rd, Vermont’s legislative healthcare committees are holding a joint public hearing on access to primary care. Join us at the hearing to call for a universal system that treats not only primary care, but all medically-necessary care as a public good and a human right.

Click here to RSVP and for rideshare coordination.

Vermont is at a crossroads when it comes to healthcare policy. The prices charged by insurance, hospital, and drug companies prevent us from getting the care we need and are driving families into bankruptcy. People with disabilities and those with chronic health conditions are even further at risk. Meanwhile, nurses and healthcare workers are forced to work at unsafe staffing levels, scrambling to provide care while chipping away at mountains of student debt.

We can take immediate steps to address this crisis: Finish the work of implementing Act 48 - a law passed in 2011 that creates a universal, publicly financed healthcare system for Vermont; protect and fully fund services for people with disabilities; and ensure safe staffing levels and tuition-free education for nurses and healthcare workers in our medical system.

We cannot, however, treat our health in isolation from the rest of our human rights. Vermont must address the social and economic factors that determine our health by doing what is necessary to end poverty in our communities.

Join us at the statehouse on Tuesday, January 23rd to share your experience of the healthcare crisis and call for a system that treats healthcare as a human right. Click here to RSVP and for rideshare coordination, and invite your friends and family to join you.