St. Johnsbury: Medicaid Honk and Wave

October 2, 2020 - 5:30pm

Medicaid March**Meet at 5:30pm at the United Community Church (UCC), 1325 Main St., St. Johnsbury.**

Join us on Friday, October 2nd for a Medicaid Honk and Wave demanding Governor Phil Scott:

  1. Guarantee healthcare as a human right for all Vermont residents, regardless of income or immigration status.
  2. Cut the state's contract with OneCare, an unaccountable for-profit company siphoning off millions in Medicaid funding that should be spent on people's healthcare.

This event is part of a national "Medicaid March" week of action organized by the Nonviolent Medicaid Army with marches in California, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Vermont. Our goal is to build the movement for healthcare and demand an end to state violence in all of its forms, including the 189k people -- disproportionately poor and people of color -- who have died from COVID19 at the hands of a government more committed to bailing out corporations than keeping people safe, and the 700 people who were dying every day in this country from poverty before the pandemic even started.

Healthcare is a Human Right! Medicaid for All!