Call-in Day to Cut the OneCare Contract

February 25, 2021 - 9:00am to 6:00pm

Call-in DayPlease join us on Thursday, Feb. 25th for a day of action to cut the state's contract with OneCare Vermont and recommit to providing healthcare as a public good.

OneCare is a private company charged with lowering healthcare costs and improving people’s health under the All-Payer model. But despite siphoning off millions in Medicaid funds, the company has failed to accomplish these goals, leaving thousands of Vermont residents unable to get the care we need. 

With the All-Payer model set to expire next year, Governor Scott appears prepared to rubber-stamp another OneCare contract, even as his state’s own Attorney General and Auditor are suing the company to gain access to its financial records.

It’s time to end this experiment in outsourcing and privatization and return to the promise of Act 48: Guaranteeing healthcare as a public good and a human right for everyone in Vermont. 

Join us in calling on Rep. Bill Lippert and Sen. Ginny Lyons, chairs of the House and Senate Healthcare Committees, to take an active role in this process and speak out against renewing the OneCare contract.

  • What: Call-in day to Rep. Bill Lippert and Sen. Ginny Lyons
  • When: Thursday, Feb. 25th between 9am and 6pm
  • How do I participate? Call Rep. Lippert (802 734-0593) and Sen. Lyons (802 863-6129) and leave a simple and respectful voicemail. We recommend:

“Hi ____, my name is [YOUR NAME] from [TOWN]. I believe that healthcare is a human right. I’m calling on you and your committee to reject another OneCare contract. Thank you, [YOUR NAME].”

After you're done, please send a note to "" to let us know you made the call!