People's Hearing on the Right to Healthcare

June 30, 2021 - 6:00pm

People's HearingDo you have a healthcare story? You’re not alone!

Join us on Wednesday, June 30th at 6pm for a virtual “People’s Hearing on the Right to Healthcare” to share your story as we build a mandate to make healthcare a human right.

Right now, thousands of people in Vermont are unable to get the healthcare we need -- and yet drug and health insurance companies are reporting massive profits, enabled by policy decisions that elevate profit over human life. We’re in a fight for our survival, and it’s time to ask Vermont’s elected officials “Which side are you on?”

Come to share your experience or to listen to others’ stories, as we share the effects of the healthcare crisis on our families and communities and talk about what we need from our healthcare system. We’ll be inviting elected officials -- including members of the new Healthcare Affordability Task Force -- to attend and hear directly from people impacted by this crisis.

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