CCTA Workers Support Rally

We’re on This Bus Together!
Rally & Panel to Support CCTA Workers
Sunday, February 13, 12 noon
Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall

Workers for the Chittenden County Transit Authority (CCTA) are taking a stand for the greater good: Let’s stand with them as they push for a contract that’s good for us all!

They’re saying:
No! - to company officials who want them to work
18-hour days of split shifts and forced overtime.
No! - to risking passenger safety to keep up with
unreasonable timetables.
No! - to unfair discipline practices

Photo: Busdrivers Standing Strong For Public Safety
This bus driver had already worked from 5:35am to 4:30pm and was en-route to a forced overtime assignment when he collided with an SUV. Drivers often work 12.5 hrs behind the wheel, over a split shift of 18-20 hours. Driver Fatigue is the leading cause of accidents in the transit industry. It is a #1 public safety issue!