IBM Workers Set Record Straight on Healthcare

IBM Workers Speak Out to Support Universal Healthcare

What: IBM workers are holding a press conference to support universal healthcare and bring to light to the untold story of what healthcare coverage at IBM is really like.

When: 1:30pm, Thursday, April 14, 2011

Where: Cedar Creek Room, Montpelier

"We wanted to come here to set the record straight. IBM insurance is not as affordable to employees as they present it. We do not understand why IBM is trying to tell our elected officials that Vermont shouldn’t have universal healthcare. Why have they not even asked what their own employees think first? We are the people who live here. IBM employs people all over the world and they deal with universal healthcare systems all the time. They can do it here,” said Earl Mongeon, who works at the IBM facility in Essex and is the Vice-President of the Alliance@IBM, which represents thousands of IBM workers and retirees across in the US.

Mongeon explains:

“The employees at IBM have been dealing with the brunt of the rising costs of healthcare. Many of us cannot afford good coverage and even some employees have to put their children on Dr. Dynasaur. These are the issues we should be talking about and are examples of why we need to move forward to universal healthcare. “

The Alliance@IBM have been active members of the Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign, a grassroots statewide campaign to win universal healthcare coordinated by the Vermont Workers’ Center. More at