Join the Picket & Rally in Solidarity with Verizon Workers on Strike

45,000 Verizon workers have been forced out on strike by a corporation intent on outsourcing their jobs, cutting their health care and pension benefits, and working conditions despite earning record profits.

Verizon workers are part of the 1% of the working class that still receives full company-paid medical benefits. And they have never stopped fighting for healthcare for all. Raising the demand, "Health Care for All, not health cuts at Verizon!”, Verizon workers are electrifying a labor movement that is waking up to the concerted corporate assault, and helping build a grassroots movement for the human right to healthcare.

Verizon made $3.6 billion in profit last year, paid zero in federal income taxes, and are proposing eliminating good jobs and lowering standards that are the standards we should seek for all of us. Verizon’s aggressive bargaining stance is the product of a political and economic climate in which corporate interests feel they can do whatever they want to working people

The Verizon strike can become the starting point for a general mobilization against runaway corporate power’s attacks on jobs, wages, health care, social programs and democratic rights –and for a movement for all our social and economic rights.

· Picketing Wednesday, August 17th · 5:00pm - 6:00pm -Verizon Wireless - Staples Plaza Rt 2 (Main St./Williston Rd), S. Burlington

· Rally Saturday, August 20th - 1:00 – 2:00 pm to Support Verizon Workers Verizon Wireless - Staples Plaza Rt 2 (Main St./Williston Rd), S. Burlington