May 1st: Mass Rally and March on the Statehouse

May 1, 2015 (All day)

Meet at 11:30am at Montpelier City Hall. Register today!

Many of us in Vermont are struggling to make ends meet, as good jobs are lost and the cost of fundamental human needs like food, fuel, housing and healthcare continues to rise. At the same time, the climate impacts of our fossil-fueled economy are hitting home, with poor and working-class people feeling the brunt of extreme weather like Tropical Storm Irene.

We’re at a crossroads. But rather than choosing the path towards human rights and dignity, Governor Shumlin and many legislators are pushing an austerity agenda based on cutting public services for people with disabilities and attacking state workers and teachers. Instead of raising revenue equitably to meet the needs in our communities, those in power have abandoned the path towards publicly-financed healthcare, and are failing to address the climate crisis by supporting a major fracked gas pipeline in the Champlain valley.

It’s up to the people to lead. Across Vermont, dairy farmworkers are organizing to demand dignified housing and working conditions. State workers are fighting back against layoffs and attacks on their contract, bolstered by the courage shown by the FairPoint workers. Our neighbors with healthcare debt are mobilizing to move beyond the struggling exchange to a publicly financed universal healthcare system. And ratepayers in Chittenden County are organizing to stop rate hikes intended to finance Vermont Gas’s bungled pipeline project.

The time is now. Human rights and justice will not drop from the sky - we need to organize, take the streets, and build unity between our movements.  This May 1st, International Workers’ Day, join us for a mass rally and march on the statehouse in Montpelier. 

See you in the streets -- Register now!