Rally to protest the frontal assault on unions and the middle class! RNC Architect on Attack on Workers to Speak in Burlington

Wednesday, April 13 · 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Call To Organizational Action!

On April 13th Reince Preibus, RNC Chair and the widely recognized architect of the assault on workers in Wisconsin, will speak at a Vermont Republican Party fundraiser on Wednesday April 13. The Preibus attack it another example of how our values of fairness, equality and justice are in the crosshairs of the national GOP. We are disappointed by the invitation to him for this event and we intend to send a strong message that we will not sit idle as he spreads his anti-worker, anti-middle class, anti-equality ideology to this state.

The events in Wisconsin and across the country are a wake-up call for all Vermonters that the attack on workers and their families is very real. The coordinated national effort to pit Americans against Americans by dismantling the rights of workers to collectively bargain for safe working conditions, a fair wage and decent benefits, all of which are necessary to create healthy communities and families, is shameful and we will not stand for it in Vermont.

Vermonters have a long tradition of respecting the voices and rights of all people, leading the rest of the nation on women’s rights, marriage equality, universal healthcare, environmental protection, energy, and the list goes on and on.

Vermont needs to stand and be heard.

The VT NEA, VT AFT/UPV, Teamsters, VT Workers Center, and VSEA ask you to stand with us in protest to this socially destructive agenda. We will be meeting on the Church Street marketplace at 5:15 p.m., depart at 5:30 down Pearl Street to Hilton Hotel on Battery Street.

Join us in celebration of workers and the Vermont way, and in strong opposition to those threaten us - bring your friends and family of all ages as well as musical instruments and drums!