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Healthcare Is a Human Right

Tell the board: Reject the health insurance rate increase!

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Vermont is requesting a 12.7% average rate hike for next year's Vermont Health Connect plans - an increase which would raise healthcare premiums for over 70,000 people in Vermont who have BCBS plans. The Green Mountain Care Board has the power to approve, amend, or reject the proposed rate hikes, and held a series of public forums and a public comment period in which dozens of Vermont residents spoke out against the rate hike.

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United Against the Rate Hikes!

July 20th & 21st, MVP Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont testified in front of the Green Mountain Care Board about their proposed health insurance rate hikes of up to 10% (BCBS) and 13% (MVP) for next year’s Vermont Health Connect plans. But company lawyers weren’t the only ones VWC President Ellen Schwartz testifying at the Green Mountain Care Board- Click for videotestifying.

Tune in to the Healthcare is a Human Right Collaborative launch!

On September 1,we’re teaming up with our long-time allies at Healthcare Is a Human Right-Maryland, the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative, Put People First! Pennsylvania, and the Southern Maine Workers’ Center, to launch the Healthcare Is a Human Right Collaborative!

Tune in: Healthcare Is a Human Right Collaborative launch webinar

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Video: Tax Day Action at Blue Cross Blue Shield VT!

This morning on Tax Day, dozens of people marched on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont in Berlin, delivering a $15.7 million invoice for taxes they've avoided by masquerading as a non-profit, while profiting enormously off of our health.

BCBS Vice President Kevin Goddard -- who made somewhere between $288,000 to $370,000 last year, putting him in Vermont's top 1% of wage earners -- accepted the invoice, while CEO Don George made an appearance outside.