Healthcare Is a Human Right

United Against the Rate Hikes!

July 20th & 21st, MVP Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont testified in front of the Green Mountain Care Board about their proposed health insurance rate hikes of up to 10% (BCBS) and 13% (MVP) for next year’s Vermont Health Connect plans. But company lawyers weren’t the only ones VWC President Ellen Schwartz testifying at the Green Mountain Care Board- Click for videotestifying.

Tune in to the Healthcare is a Human Right Collaborative launch!

On September 1,we’re teaming up with our long-time allies at Healthcare Is a Human Right-Maryland, the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative, Put People First! Pennsylvania, and the Southern Maine Workers’ Center, to launch the Healthcare Is a Human Right Collaborative!

Tune in: Healthcare Is a Human Right Collaborative launch webinar

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Video: Tax Day Action at Blue Cross Blue Shield VT!

This morning on Tax Day, dozens of people marched on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont in Berlin, delivering a $15.7 million invoice for taxes they've avoided by masquerading as a non-profit, while profiting enormously off of our health.

BCBS Vice President Kevin Goddard -- who made somewhere between $288,000 to $370,000 last year, putting him in Vermont's top 1% of wage earners -- accepted the invoice, while CEO Don George made an appearance outside.