Put People First Stories Project!

What is the Stories Project? The Stories Project is a media project of the Vermont Workers’ Center and the Put People First! People's Budget Campaign. The goal of the Stories Project is to collect testimonials from people all over the state about how their basic needs and rights are not being met, whether it's housing, education, healthcare, transportation, etc. The Stories Project is also an organizing tool, helping us to have organizing conversations with people in our communities.

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How do we make media with the Stories Project? The Stories Project right now can be done with video (including taking a video with your cell phone, home camcorder, or a flip cam) or you can have the person giving their testimonial call the Put People First Story Line: 802-242-1892 (1VWC). Pictures and videos can also be texted to the Story Line.

Want to get more involved and find out more? The Stories Project working group will be meeting in Burlington the 3rd Thursday of every month to talk about trainings, distribution, and how we can best use this tool in our organizing! Contact megan@workerscenter.org or sarah@workerscenter.org if you want to get more involved with the Stories Project!