All out for May Day 2015: Here's how you can help!

Photo of May Day 2013This Friday is May 1st, International Workers' Day! Join hundreds of community members in the streets of Montpelier for a massive march and rally demanding justice and dignity for all people of Vermont.  Meet at 11:30am at Montpelier City Hall!

We can use your help!

Set Up- Get to Montpelier between 9 and 10am, and help with setting up the Statehouse lawn- putting up tables, tents, etc. Contact Liz: 802-498-8682 or Megan 802-505-9315.

Burlington transport team- Help get tables, chairs, banners, materials, etc to Montpelier by helping load cars and drive stuff.  Also especially looking for people with trucks who can help with tables and other large stuff. The Burlington transport team would also need to be able to help bring stuff back to the Burlington office. Contact Hollis 404-216-2819.

Barre transport team- Help load tables and chairs at the Old Labor Hall to bring to Montpelier, and then return them after the day is over. Especially need people with trucks! Contact Liz: 802-498-8682 or Megan 802-505-9315.

Clean Up- Stick around for 1-2 hours after the rally is over to help pack things back up into cars to go to the Burlington office, pick up trash, make sure we leave the Statehouse lawn as good as we found it. Contact Liz: 802-498-8682.

Registration- Help work the crowd and check people in on petitions on the Statehouse lawn. We will also be collect donations for the VWC. Contact Hollis 404-216-2819.

Crowd Canvassers/Action Station- Organize participants, help people make the biggest impact by taking action and joining the movement! Contact Matt: 802-373-0133

Trash- Need a few Central VT people to help with hauling away and disposing of trash (probably a few bags each). Contact Liz: 802-498-8682.

Family Inclusion/Youth tent- Help with art activities, games, etc. Contact Shela 802-275-2363.

People’s Kitchen- Help prepare and serve food, keep the movement well fed! Contact Matt 802-373-0133.

March Marshals (6-8 people or more!)- Assist with the march. Contact Kate 802-825-8399.

Solidarity Singers, Chant Leaders- Help lead the singing and chanting in the march. Contact Kate 802-825-8399.

Media Team- If you have experience with photography, video or radio, we always need more people to help document the day! Contact Megan 802-505-9315.

Needs- Let us know if you have any of these things and can lend for the day! Contact Liz: 802-498-8682 or Megan 802-505-9315.

  • Folding tables

  • Pick up truck (and YOU!) at Old Labor Hall at 9am

  • Pop up tents

  • Tarps

  • Extension cords

  • Trash cans

  • Coolers