Building Power

Over the past two weeks, unprecedented numbers of people, VWC members and leaders among them, have come together to oppose the administration’s anti-human-rights agenda.

VWC leaders and members have also been doing the organizing work that will build power for our communities for the long haul.

Last weekend, members of the Chittenden County Organizing Committee held a Health Screening Clinic at the Essex Eats Out community dinner in Essex Center. We had some deep conversations with our neighbors about their hopes and fears about healthcare, and nurses volunteered their time to provide health screenings. A couple of the people we met came to the next OC meeting and joined the Workers’ Center!

If you couldn't make the clinic/dinner but want to share your story about medical debt or too-expensive healthcare, please contact us.

VWC Members at Health Screening in Essex Center

On Thursday, VWC members joined Licensed Nurses Aids, Unit Secretaries, Mental Health Techs, and other medical professionals from the UVM Medical Center to deliver hundreds of petition signatures calling on UVMMC to recognize their union. Supporting workers who are building permanent organization in their workplaces has always been central to the VWC’s mission.

Sign the petition

LNAs, other UVM Medical Center medical professionals and VWC members deliver petitions to UVM Medical Center

Workplace organization will be especially crucial in the coming years, as the administrations in DC and Montpelier will almost certainly try to weaken or remove the few legal protections we have in the workplace. This week, the VWC also joined Vermont’s unions in opposing the Scott administration’s proposal to subordinate the Labor Department under the Commerce Department.

VWC Organizing Committees are getting active throughout the state. Please contact us to get involved.