COVID-19 Petition: Expand Medicaid for All & Keep Rural Hospitals Open!

 Expand Medicaid for All and Keep Rural Hospitals OpenThe COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented public emergency. 

Join us in calling on Governor Scott and the Vermont legislature to make sure all of us have health care and our hospitals remain open.

Along with moving toward a fully public health care system, Governor Scott and Vermont’s lawmakers must ensure access to our communities’ material and financial needs by taking the following steps:

  1. Secure full and unrestricted access to COVID-19 testing and treatment without any barriers including cost, transportation, disability, and immigration status.
  2. Ensure that health care workers and all frontline workers in this crisis have the protective equipment and resources they need.
  3. Increase wages for workers in home and adult day care, nursing homes and residential homes to address the crisis in care for elders and people with disabilities, and provide workers’ comp for those who contract COVID-19 on the job.
  4. Guarantee access to nutritious food for everyone in Vermont, locally sourced when possible. Provide delivery where necessary.
  5. Guarantee income, including immediate and unrestricted access to unemployment benefits and paid sick days for all. Expand Reach Up and other programs that put cash in people’s pockets. Abolish all work or study requirements for state programs.
  6. Use state resources to safely house all people who are homeless. Pass an immediate moratorium on evictions, tax foreclosures, rent hikes, homeless encampment removals, and towing of vehicles of unhoused communities.
  7. Implement health protections for people in mental health facilities, prisons and juvenile detention centers. Release all non-violent offenders and detainees, and psychiatric patients who want to leave rather than risking exposure.