Exercise your Rights with the VWC!

Run or walk a 5K Halloween Race to “Exercise Your Rights” with the new Co-Directors of the Vermont Workers’ Center on Saturday, October 31st at 9AM in downtown Montpelier. Kate Kanelstein, Matt McGrath, and Megan Sheehan have signed up to run together to raise money for the Vermont Workers' Center — and have tons of fun along the way… expect some wild costumes!

They're asking YOU to join the team and race with them! Grassroots organizing is hard work and exercising is one way we stay healthy and have some quality rest and reflection time. We have set a goal to raise $15,000 for our grassroots organizing — in particular, our Work with Dignity and Healthcare Is a Human Right campaigns.

How can I join the Team?

2015-eyr_runners.jpg1) Register for the Race. Go to the Autumn Onion 5K page to register for the race on 10/31 at 9AM in Montpelier. *Pre-registration is only $10 and goes to Vermont Works for Women - Girl's Outdoor Programs (another great cause!)

2) Set up a personal fundraising page. Once you're registered for the event, it’s time to start fundraising! Set up your own personal fundraising page here. Join the Team by clicking the blue button to "Fundraise" and customize your personal page. You can set your own fundraising goal, upload pictures, and tell your story about why you joined Team VWC to Exercise Your Rights.

3) Get the word out to your friends, family, and colleagues! Download our fundraising tips and a sample fundraising email and letter for helpful fundraising strategies. We are here to help you be successful, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need fundraising tips, admin support, or encouragement.

Why should you sign-up for Exercise your Rights?

Three reasons. 1) You believe in the Vermont Workers’ Center’s mission and want to support it financially. 2) You want to challenge yourself physically and adding a fundraising goal to that challenge will make you more successful. Having financial supporters is like having a whole cheerleading squad on the sidelines. 3) It’s good for you. Exercising your body and exercising your rights just feels great.

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