Going Postal!

Organize to Defend Our Postal Service & Vermont Jobs

At a time when we desperately need to create decent-paying jobs, the Postal Service plans to slash 100,000 jobs, shut down many rural post offices, and end Saturday mail delivery, most immediately closing over 250 mail processing centers. This includes closing the White River Junction center with the loss of 245 jobs, and threats to close Essex Junction. This would slow first-class mail, ending next-day deliveries, and put the postal service into a death spiral.

A public meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Jan. 4th at the American Legion in White River Junction. We need to fill the hall with Vermonters that want to save our Postal Service. Years ago we had twice a day mail deliveries (just once on Saturday). The cost of a first-class stamp was three cents–equivalent to 27 cents today.

Today the USPS is a self-supporting government enterprise receiving no tax payer subsidies – yet subject to congressional supervision and sabotage. Congress manufactured a crisis that threatens the Postal Service with bankruptcy, by demanding an unreasonably rapid set-aside of funds to guarantee future pensions.

This is being used to drive USPS customers to private sector profit centers as first-class mail as we have known it will be discontinued. Current overnight deliveries may take 3-4 days. The impact of this service degradation will hurt small businesses and residential customers who can't afford to use FedEx. Sen. Sanders has sponsored a bill that would eliminate unprecedented requirements that make the Postal Service set-aside retiree benefits far in advance.

This legislation would also allow the Postal Service to generate new income in this digital age by expanding into areas that Congress currently prohibits them from doing. This fight is not just about the postal service, but about the austerity program of politicians in service to the 1% determined to massacre public services and strengthen the role of the markets. Resisting that program requires not just a defensive struggle against each new attack, but organizing and mobilizing for public policy of by and for the 99% centered on human rights.

Let's organize to Put People First. All out for the January 4th hearing! Stop the closures! Defend every job! Build a 21st century postal service! Vermont Workers' Center

To help organize contact: Traven.L@gmail.com or Kiera@workerscenter.org