HCHR supporters join faith leaders at statehouse; Rev. Potter sends blessings after last week's protest

Today, faith leaders held a powerful press conference at the Vermont statehouse, laying out the moral case for moving forward on universal healthcare. Featured below are some of the speakers:

Rabbi Joshua Chason, who pointed out that "Healthcare as a human right is basic compassion, which is...the essence of all religious traditions."

Photo of Rev. John RansomReverend John Ransom, who reaffirmed that "Now IS the time...our commitment will not soften."

VWC member Anna Gebhardt, who spoke about her own faith and read a statement by Reverend Bob Potter, who gave last week's benediction following the state of the state speech. Rev. Potter's letter is below:

"To the Members of the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign,

I appreciated the dozen phone calls from folks since the inauguration, most of them apologetic for having demonstrated during my prayer. I took no personal offense and harbor no hard feelings. We agree it was “unfortunate”, but let’s move on. Remember I hosted that town meeting on healthcare with Senator Sanders in Peacham. I believe it is unjust for anyone not to have affordable healthcare, and immoral for CEOs in the field to receive multi-million dollar salaries. 

It’s going to be a long battle. Don’t give up or get discouraged. I believe it’s winnable in Vermont, but the present budget crisis will slow it down. 

Courage! Blessings!
Rev. Bob Potter
Peacham Congregational Church

P.S. Just an added note, as a co-worker with Martin Luther King, you must know I believe in civil disobedience. Please remember my telling you that I led 4000 students down the main street of Hartford, CT to protest the killing of four Kent State students back in the 60s. Civil disobedience is critical for democracy and the struggle for justice."