Health care forums to lawmakers: Solve the health care crisis.

Health care forumsThis month over 200 people participated in health care forums across the state, swapping stories and enjoying a meal together with neighbors.

Grace Beninson spoke at the Bellows Falls forum, relating how she joined the movement after losing her job and house following a massive stroke.

"I will never stop fighting for health care for everyone until my last breath is gone. I just cant stop when I look around and see people who worked all their lives and struggled to do the right thing stomped on because they have an illness or because something happens to their child. How can we, as human beings, allow that to continue?"

Montpelier resident Lehana Guyette spoke at a number of forums, sharing her involvement with planning and hosting this summer's March for Medicaid in Barre.

"Medicaid helped me get home health and hospice, and as a diabetic, it pays for the meds I need. If Medicaid was cut, I wouldn't get these services and would probably be on the street."

Our communities are ready for a health care system that puts people first. What remains to be seen is whether our elected officials are willing to join with us to make it happen.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be meeting with lawmakers to ask them to pledge their support for our 2020 Health Care is a Human Right Platform. Connect with your local Organizing Committee to join the effort, or email to get involved.