Healthcare is a Human Right campaign in the news

Photo of sit-in at statehouseThis January has been a busy month for the Healthcare is a Human Right campaign! In case you missed it, here's a quick review of some top media media coverage to kick off the new year.

Jan 8: Common Dreams: 'We won't back down': Vermonters launch sit-in at statehouse demanding universal healthcare 'now!'

Jan 12: VT Digger: Vermont Workers' Center at the fore of healthcare advocacy

Jan 15: Burlington Free Press: Clergy: Failing to act on health care is 'sin'

Jan 29: VT Digger: Activists call on lawmakers to press ahead with public financing

Also this month, Dr. Anna Carey and Jessica Morrison, both healthcare providers, had OpEds published calling for legislators to move forward on universal healthcare. 

Entitled "A Doctor's prescription for healthcare," Dr. Carey's OpEd ran in the VT DiggerValley NewsBarre-Montpelier Times Argus, and Rutland Herald. In it, she asks, "How absurd is this system? Those who defend out-of-pocket costs claim that they discourage the overuse of care, but as a doctor, I see that they make my professional medical opinions irrelevant and deny my patients care."

Jessica Morrison points out, "My patients have served our communities as farmers and police officers, raised children, been in the military, and now are aging or disabled and need help from their communities to stay safe and well. I am deeply committed to every single one of my patients, yet am often powerless to help patients who cannot afford their prescriptions, delay needed care due to costs, or go into medical debt due to the care they receive and then struggle to meet their other basic needs."