Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign response to GOP healthcare bill

US Congress buildingToday, the US House of Representatives passed a healthcare bill that if signed into law, would eliminate health insurance for 24 million Americans, cut Medicaid benefits, and endanger insurance for people with preexisting conditions - all while giving a significant tax break to the billionaire class.

It’s an enormous affront to low-income and working people, who are already struggling with the premiums and co-pays that our market-based system requires, and comes at a time when record numbers of Americans support moving towards a universal, publicly financed healthcare system for the country.

In Vermont, we are uniquely positioned to lead the resistance to these attacks on healthcare by fulfilling the promise of Act 48 and establishing a universal healthcare system that fully meets our healthcare needs and is publicly and equitably financed.

The Healthcare is a Human Right movement won passage of Act 48 in 2011, establishing Green Mountain Care as a universal healthcare system in Vermont.Although the governor and legislature abandoned that promise in 2014, it is time to put healthcare as a human right back on the agenda by demanding that Vermont’s elected officials finish the work of designing and funding Green Mountain Care.

Join us this summer as we build the people power necessary to win healthcare as a human right. Click here to get involved with organizing in your community: