HEARING: Providers Show Overwhelming Support For Universal Healthcare

Providers Show Overwhelming Support For Universal Healthcare

Montpelier, VT -- Statehouse -- The vast majority of the 150+ healthcare providers and community members who stuffed into a public hearing at the Statehouse were strong supporters of Vermont moving forward with universal healthcare. This final hearing on Vermont’s universal healthcare bill H.202 being held by the Senate Health & Welfare Committee was dedicated to Vermont healthcare providers. The Vermont Senate Health & Welfare Committee asked providers who were testifying to sign up as Favorable, Unfavorable or Questioning of the legislation and alternated testimony between the three categories. However, before the hearing was half over, they had run out of testimony opposed to the bill. Thirty-eight providers spoke out in favor of single-payer universal heralthcare, while only five providers spoke against it and only twelve signed up as questioning.

"I was really blown away by the overwhelming support we saw tonight for creating a system which treats healthcare as a human right. So many people working in the healthcare field spoke about their commitment to providing real quality care, and how we need to create a system which puts people before profits," said Mari Cordes, RN at Fletcher Allen Health Care and president of the Vermont Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals UPV/AFT Local 5221, who are one of the Vermont Workers’ Center’s main partners on the Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign.

The Healthcare Is a Human Right campaign still seeks to strengthen the bill in the Senate, based on the human rights principles of universality, equity, accountability, transparency and participation. They are planning a major statewide March on Montpelier and Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign on May 1st.

In 2008, the Vermont Workers’ Center launched the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign to change what is politically possible in healthcare reform. The Campaign has done this by uniting Vermonters across the state who struggle to get the healthcare they need, and who believe healthcare is a public good that belongs to all.

For more information, go to www.workerscenter.org/healthcare

Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign leaders are available all across the state for interview or comment.