Media Advisory: Vermont Workers’ Center and allies to host People’s Candidate Forums

Vermont Workers’ Center and allies to host series of People’s candidate forum

From October 7th to October 16th, the Vermont Workers’ Center and partners [1] in the labor, environmental, and disability rights movements will host a series of People’s Forums on Human Rights and the Economy in ten locations across the state. 

Dates and locations below[2]

Montpelier: Montpelier High School Cafeteria - October 7 @ 6:30

Burlington: Integrated Arts Academy - October 9 @ 6pm

Bristol: Mt. Abraham High School - October 13 @ 6pm

Essex Jct: Albert D. Lawton Intermediate School - October 14 @ 6pm (CANCELLED)

Brattleboro: Marlboro Graduate Center, Room 2E - October 14 @ 6pm

Morrisville: People's Academy Cafeteria  - October 15 @ 6:30

Bennington: St. Peters Church - October 15 @ 6:30

St. Albans: Franklin Co. Senior Center - October 16 @ 6pm

White River Junction: Hartford High School - October 16 @ 6:30

The People’s Forums will bring together candidates for public office with local community members, who will share personal stories about the interconnected crises we are facing and ask for candidates’ positions on issues such as universal healthcare, disability rights, and climate justice.  Participants will emphasize that we can no longer afford to compete with one another for public resources, and that our state must take a holistic approach and raise the revenue necessary to adequately address the crises in our communities and environment.

In particular, members of the Vermont Workers’ Center and the Healthcare is a Human Right campaign will be asking candidates how they will ensure that Green Mountain Care is funded through progressive taxes [3], and moves beyond the insurance model to provide comprehensive care for all Vermont residents regardless of employment, income, or health history.

Stauch Blaise, a member of the Vermont Workers’ Center, said: “The next few months are critical for achieving our publicly funded, universal healthcare system.  We’ll be offering candidates a choice: ‘Will you stand with us and take the moral path to guarantee our human right to healthcare, or will you cave-in to the corporate lobby by denying Vermont residents the care we need?’”



Keith Brunner, keith@workerscenter.org802-363-9615


1] Partners include 350Vermont, Vermont Center for Independent Living, Green Mountain Self-Advocates, AFT-Vermont, and other statewide and local allies.

2] More information on dates and locations available at

3] Vermont Workers' Center position on funding Green Mountain Care: