Put People First Day 1 Legislative Kickoff! Highlights of Media Coverage

News Coverage of Day 1 Kickoff Rally

VT Digger: On video + story: Activists demand that lawmakers adopt “People’s Budget” (click link)

Burlington Free Press coverage with front page photo:

"Peg Franzen, president of the Vermont Workers’ Center, stepped up to the microphone before a throng of folks in red shirts to begin a Put People First rally.

The organizers delivered petitions to legislative leaders calling for a new budgeting process. “We are here to be the voice of the people, the 99 percent,” Franzen said. “We are here to demand a budget that puts people first.”

Times Argus/Rutland Herald Day 1 coverage:

At a noontime rally in the Cedar Creek Room, Peg Franzen, with the Vermont Workers’ Center, said regular Vermonters are finally speaking out against government policies that favor the wealthy and powerful over residents in need.

 “Public policy … has served private interests and corporate goals, resulting in a government that has turned its back on the people it is required to serve,” Franzen said to a crowd of more than 100. “Instead of cutting services to match the amount the wealthy are willing to contribute, we must raise the revenue needed to provide services necessary to satisfy the needs of Vermonters.”

See more: http://www.workerscenter.org/video/times-argus-legislative-kickoff-coverage

Northeast Public Radio: features VWC in report


Vermont Public Radio: Highlights in report

(Kinzel) One of the key issues of the session is expected to be a fight over how to close a $75 million budget gap.

(Chants)"Put people first. Put people first. Put people first."

(Kinzel) Roughly 150 people held a rally to urge lawmakers to raise taxes on the wealthy rather than impose any additional budget cuts on essential human service programs.  The rally was organized by the Vermont Workers Center. Peg Franzen is the president of the group.

(Franzen) "Instead of cutting public services to match the amount that the wealthy are willing to contribute, our elected officials must raise the revenue it will take to provide the services necessary to satisfy the needs of Vermonters. (Crowd cheers)

Hear full report: http://www.vpr.net/news_detail/92931/lawmakers-return-for-second-half-term/