RELEASE: Vermont Workers’ Center responds to release of GMC financing report

For Immediate Release: December 31 2014

Contact: Keith Brunner, 802-363-9615,

Vermont Workers’ Center responds to release of GMC financing report

Today the Vermont Workers’ Center and the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign issued this statement in response to the release of the Shumlin administration’s Green Mountain Care financing report:

“After almost two years’ delay and many months of speculation, we look forward to reviewing the Shumlin administration’s financing report for Green Mountain Care. Since 2008, we have been engaging thousands of people in a movement for universal, publicly financed healthcare in Vermont, and we remain fully committed to that goal despite the Governor’s failure to act on public financing.

Over the coming days, we intend to carefully analyze the data and assumptions in this report, paying particular attention to the administration’s choice of a flat payroll tax, which disadvantages small businesses. The Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign believes that the Governor has overlooked other equitable and more viable public financing sources, and we will continue to research and publicize our assessment of those alternatives.

Lastly, we will be urging legislators to assume leadership on the path towards equitable, public financing for Green Mountain Care, as laid out under Act 48. On January 8th, Healthcare Is a Human Right supporters will be present for a rally at the statehouse calling on legislators and the Green Mountain Care Board to move forward with public financing. Our communities cannot afford to wait any longer for a healthcare system that treats healthcare as a public good and a human right.”