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What's happening: In November of 2013, the Porter Nurses organized their union, the Porter Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, to empower and protect their patients and themselves. They organized to ensure safe staffing, to secure adequate resources to assist them in the delivery of safe quality care, to achieve a culture of continual learning and education, to improve recruitment and retention and improve working conditions, and to negotiate a legally binding contract that fosters an environment of professionalism and respect where nurses have an equal voice in decision-making. The Porter Nurses have joined together in AFT Nurses and Health Professionals, AFT VT, with colleagues at Fletcher Allen and Brattleboro Memorial.

What is Happening: The Porter RNs have been negotiating their first contract since February 2014 and they need your support! They are as committed as ever to the goals they set when organizing their union. When frontline healthcare
professionals are involved in decision-making, the outcomes for patients will be the best they can and the work environment for nurses will be one that fosters respect and professionalism. Improving the working conditions for nurses improves the
conditions in which they provide care!

Stand in solidarity with the Porter Nurses who are working together to secure a fair first contract that:
● Ensures an equal voice in decision-making that fosters a high-quality healthcare environment;
● Provides Safe Nurse to Patient Ratios that support excellence in their nursing practice;
● Improves recruitment and retention by providing an environment of respect and support of work life balance;
● Implements fair compensation and benefits for all work, including equity across PMC facilities

Let’s call on the PMC Administration to respect the PMC nurses and settle a fair first contract with them now. The right to organize is central to the human right to work with dignity.
Sign the petition to support the Porter Nurses today!.

More info: You can email Avery Pittman at or Sue Lucas at if you have any questions about ways to help.if you have any questions about ways to help.